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Firstly, Buy Durban Poison Online usa is a  cannabis strain maybe a pure Sativa from South Africa. She is known as after a port city of Durban. Durban Poison weed is extremely powerful and potent strain, great for morning or daytime use. It gives a moment cerebral high, boosts energy, uplifts mood, puts a smile on your face. Durban Poison cannabis effects last up to three hours. Buy Durban Poison Weed. The first African strain, this plant favors hot temperatures inside or out. It’s regularly developed in California as a hydroponics crop. It’s a decent bud, a treat like smell, and a fast up high. it’s prized on the grounds that it’s anything but difficult to develop, however it is not for the foremost part as strong as some different strains.

Buy Durban Poison Online

Durban Poison marijuana leaves energizing effects on the human body. But, it does not cause lethargy. Many users have reported that Durban Poison Strain increases their concentration power, uplifts their mood, clears mental fog and enhances sociability and creativity. People who prefer outdoor activities or simply seek energy boost for the day, can go for it. Buy Durban Poison Online usa Strain also helps to treat conditions such as depression and anxiety, chronic pain,  Nausea, etc.  But, it may cause side effects such as dry eyes and dry mouth.

Durban Poison Strain Appearance, Aroma and Taste

Being compact and dense in structure, Durban Poison has long dark green leaves and orange pistils. A distinct blend of scents makes an aroma with sweetness. The taste has a spice.

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